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[F12002] F1 2003 cars
Minardi PS03 by Pro-raver
One of my first and last attempts to make a car for F12002.

Size: 6,8MB
Link:!W8xlgT4A!AJa35iuNz ... gkhjaWkt-w

Jordan EJ13 By pakillo2003
Size: 1,6MB
Link:!ahgAUaqI!f6POhiRCa ... ZFqD3AVdKU

Jaguar R4 by Enzor
Size: 1,3MB
Link:!Cw4GgZqL!bmFgFg4MG ... 3SalnG5ERY

Mclaren MP4-17D by CDG
See the second link for MP4-18 skin for this car by Esci
Size: 1,6MB
Link:!38oiHAAQ!GQUn41EO5 ... Go3DXICjQA
LInk:!6og23b6R!C23OPh71W ... 0Zz6fEb8X4

Toyota TF103 by CJ Chris
Size: 1MB
Link:!Pw5VQQQB!HXDLEB1_e ... H9rqr7-HIE

Sauber C21 by CJ Chris
Size: 1,2MB
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