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F1 1997 Season (Watchy and Friends, Updated by David Marques)
F1 1997 Season by Watchy and friends updated by David Marques

Original Watchy and friends Readme
Mod F1 97 pour F1 Challenge

First of all, thanks to the CTDP Team to allow me to use some shapes, cockpits
and steering wheels of their 1995 mod.
Thanks to
- BMWfan & theflori, For the use of some textures
- Prozac, For the use of his tyre shape
- Ralph Hummerich, For the use of some textures
and Godzila to allow me to use some 3D rims he realized for the 1995 mod.

This pack contains :

-> shapes and wings of every team in 1997
-> specific wings used in Monaco, Hungary, Germany and Italy.
-> basic and NT textures for the cars.
-> all helmet drivers tobacco and NT
-> slightly raising of drivers helmet
-> all 1997 tracks, except buenos Aires and Jerez (but you can download them at
-> Pitboys tobacco and NT for every team
-> cockpits and steering wheels have been made as good as I could do with the
   pics I had
-> Physics, drivers performances
-> 3D rims for every team
-> tyres in 1997 regulation
-> Loading Screens
-> Icons and Menu

Copyright & Permission

You are free to use every part of this mod to make updates (except 3D rims made
by godzilla), I encourage you to do. I want this mod to become the most
beautiful as possible, so don't hesitate to make it better.

Member list who brought their contribution to this mod :

3D Modelling : Nunux, Watchy
Mapping : Watchy
Textureur : Bigfélix, Watchy, Cochonou, Wardog, MéloAnthony, Zak,
Mod compilation, Beta Testeur : Watchy
Physics : Sticky-Fingers
Drivers performances: Watchy
Loading screen : Link1n
Icons and Menu : Justin Ziarko

I'd like to thank Geoone to have tought me so much things.
Zmodeler, Khyn and his expert eye who have helped Nunux to realize wonderful
and splendid shapes, Mullog ( me  ), my official translator, Sticky-Fingers who
helped me to put online this mod, and finally, RFR members who helped me and
supported me since more than one year from now, it's thanks to them I have had
the necessary motivation to finish this mod.

So now, have fun with this mod!

Personal Note
All credit goes to Watchy and friends for creating the only and full 1997 mod
available on any platform.

All of the updated wings, floors, difusers bargeboards and other components
taken and modified from the GP4 96 Crew's cars. Full credit to them for the
original work

Thanks for all the praise on the forums, but the reality is that the original
authors of all my releases deserve all the credit. Without them, none of this
would be possible, so lets praise all of the world wide community of modders
that work hard on their passions on every single platform out there.

Cockpits based on GP4 96 Crew's cars

Wheels and Rims
All tyres and rims based on and used with permission by Prairie.
Rim logos and some special designs created by David M.

Engine sounds are all made by the awesome Sky

Physics are all made by the awesome Sky

Tracks  Credit
Melbourne: F1C (Sponsors updated by David M.)
Interlagos: F1C (Sponsors updated by David M.)
Buenos Aires: CTDP (Sponsors updated by David M.)
Imola:  F1C (Updated by David M.)
Monaco:  Carrera.4 (Converted and updated by David M.)
Barcelona: F1C (Sponsors updated by David M.)
Montreal: F1C (Sponsors updated by David M.)
Magny-Cours: F1C (Sponsors updated by David M.)
Silverstone: F1C (Sponsors updated by David M.)
Hockenheim: F1C (Sponsors updated by David M.)
Hungaroring: F1C (Sponsors updated by David M.)
Spa:  F1C (Sponsors updated by David M.)
Monza:  F1C (Sponsors updated by David M.)
A-1 Ring: F1C (Sponsors updated by David M.)
Nurburgring: F1C (Sponsors updated by David M.)
Suzuka:  F1C (Sponsors updated by David M.)
Jerez:  Tantra (Updated by David M.)

Team Uniforms: Watchy and friends
Team BKs: David M.
Team Icons: Watchy and friends, David M.
Track LODs: David M.

Special Thanks
GP4 96 Crew: For allowing the release of their work on another platform so that many more can enjoy their great work

Sky:  For his great physics and sounds: the cherry on top of the cake

Frentzen127: For all of his help, input and teaching

Known Bugs

Terms Of Use
Enjoy this mod to the fullest, that's all. If you want to convert or use this
as a base to create other cars, you're welcome in doing so as long as the
appropriate credit is given to the respective authors of the files you are
using. You can find all authors in this file

1) Backup and delete any other 1997 mods from F1C for this mod to work properly
2) Download and install the updated versions of the following default circuits: Melbourne, Monaco, Barcelona, Montreal, Silverstone, Hungary, Spa -->
3) Extract all files from F1 1997 Season.exe to F1C installation directory
4) Wait for 97Setup.bat to autorun (This will add driver names to game.dic and insert all 96 team pit walls in logomap.mas)
5) Run F1 Challenge 99-02.exe and enjoy the ride!bst1kSwJ!XuONoYUZ4UvP_...mJiPzePtl0
Just curious, what do you guys think of the update? Is it a worthwhile update or pretty much the same as the original?
(11-18-2018, 03:12 AM)dmarques Wrote: Just curious, what do you guys think of the update? Is it a worthwhile update or pretty much the same as the original?

Hello David! Big Grin I can give you my humble opinion about my feelings with this update.

- The short answer is: 
Beautiful, absolutely worth it!!
- The long answer, is: 
For me, it's a remarkable improvement of the original 1997 mod. This year really needed something like this.
As you said, it's not perfect, but I've to say that it's not far from that. Cars look much better than before!
▪ New tyres  (same as your 93-96 mods), something I really missed before, because that kind of wheels were used until 1997 and this year was the only one in F1c with other tyres.
▪ New suspensions.
▪ New mirrors.
▪ New cockpits and helmets.
▪ New steering wheels.
▪ New front wings, rear wings, bargeboards and diffusers. (as you said, based in your 1996 mod, which it's perfect so... it's great Big Grin)
I noticed all these things, and I feel pretty happy with this update. As I said before, really worth it.

(However, let me make a little suggestion, for a future. The only thing I think it could be better, it's the "body" of the cars. (I mean, the "GB03VA" file, for example, I mean the VA files) which it has improvements like new bargeboards and aerodynamic components, but the basis it's the same as the original. It's good, but maybe it has some room for improvement, to be closer to the reality and perfect.
Considering that some of 1996 cars are very similar to 1997, my idea is to use the basis of 1996 with modifications to adapt them to 1997 because there are some "similar" cars like the Williams, Benetton, Prost or Jordan... but some others are too much different, like the Ferrari, McLaren, Arrows, Tyrrell, Sauber, Minardi... the brand new team Stewart... that's why I think it may not be possible.))

In any case, as it is it's very good, and I really felt a improvement. Absolutely worth it.
Sorry for my long post, I hope it's a constructive comment. From my side, happy with this update!
Thanks Sudden, very constructive. I know the VA files need some improvement, however, the cars have too many changes from 96 to 97 in order to just copy and modify. It would take some serious 3D editing to get it perfect, skills which I do not have. Also, the models would have to be remapped too, which basically means making the VA files from scratch would probably be easier. I guess this will have to do for now.
Added the missing files causing CTD and removed the Lola as per CK's request. Updated link above

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