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MOD F1 1986 & 1987 - HE & LE versions
Hello to all

missing 1986 & 87 mods have been released, first a league edition by Pure-F1 team, and historic editions by myself, which are based on ChiefWiggum rf2 work, with his kind permission

1986 HE mod includes some no tobacco and alternate liveries (Marlboro light for Mclaren) , conversion model from ChiefWiggum creation, except the Zakspeed and AGS which are personal creation :
[Image: GRAB_112.JPG.c28112cac36321d83434d0a9e25b0b79.JPG][Image: grab_114.jpg][Image: grab_039.jpg][Image: grab_029.jpg]

1987 HE is based on ChiefWiggum creations, Carrera 4 & DDR2 (for the F1C conversion) with a lot of update for the skins
[Image: z_30110.jpg]

The 86-87 league edition is a F1C conversion with original work on cockpits, sounds & physics

I am preparing also a trackpack, nothing exceptional but update with new asphalt for some tracks, layout, sponsors and boxes
Later there will be also a last 1.2 version for both mods, with more options as alternate models & pilots

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