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How to edit textures on track?
Hi! On begin I wanna to sorry for about my English - I'm not from English-laungage country Tongue

Today I had an idea to create a little multiplayer league in F1C 99-02. I wanna to add some league logos on banners on track, but I'm don't know where to find and export textures. I searched in SeasonData/Circuits, but all files what are inside (for example - Australia/2002_Albert_Park) I can open with Windows Notepad.

I found on forum "3DSimED 3", and I can open a 2002_Albert_Park.SCN file, but nothing showing in the window.

In 3DSimED 3 folder, after opening .SCN file, creates a "dir69FB.tmp" folder with strange textures (for example - BRIDGESTONE.bmp, CLEARGLOW00.bmp, all country flags and weird .MTS files).

Can anyone tell me, how to edit banners on tracks?  Huh
And when I'm here already - in future i'm wanna a little edit cars skins, where i can find it?

Thanks! Rolleyes

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